oooh!! I’ve forgotten to upload a picture of the Big Tv screen that can be seen in Henesys. I’ve made it with cinema 4D. it’s an 3D model that I’ve made a year ago. It was for a school project, also a fan project at the same time I guess. If anyone is interested in Maplestory then don’t hesitate to check out the game at or for the europian version.

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It’s the mushroom park entrance in Henesys! I was testing out a few light setups and also was playing around with grass. The full animation render for the complete map with environment & grass etc. really takes to long to render. I’ll work on it when I have spare time.

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Old logo animation project for a school friend of mine

1 year ago

Old airplane animation

1 year ago

Logo animation, School project

1 year ago

Logo Animation, school project

1 year ago

Slenderman wishes you Merry christmas and a Happy new year!

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Few random houses you can find in Maplestory/Henesys. Will upload the rest of my work further this week.

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Animation testing for the Big Tree in Henesys/Maplestory. It’s fast forwarded so be not suprised if it’s a bit to fast.

1 year ago

3D model - Big tree Maplestory.

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More 3D pictures of the Mirror of Dimensions from Mapelstory.

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The 3D version of the Mirror of Dimensions in Maplestory! It’s a little bit different then you see ingame but I think it’s 90% accurate. Will upload a few more pictures of the portal tonight/tomorrow.

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These are firework costumes that I’ve made a year ago. Well the designs ofcourse, not the costumes itself. I believe they’re still being used, loved to work on something different for once!

1 year ago

3D model - Marketplace from Maplestory.

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This is an 3D model I’ve made in Cinema 4D. It’s from the game Maplestory which I used to play alot back in the old days.

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